DLC Krone BDF addon by Pannickus for DAF XF 105 By Vad&k [1.32.x]

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This mod add KRONE TANDEM Addon for the DAF 105 By vad&k

The Mod adds:
– Customizable Color of the Krone box (Truck+Trailer)
. Customizable backlights in the truck (Krone lights or old daf lights)
– Added vad3k license plate an the back of the chassis
– Customizable reflection stripes at the side+back of the box (red/white/yellow
. New variant of sideskirt (Krone sideskirt)

To do:
– Fix the broken paintjobs from vadik
– Fix the not working steering axle in the back of the chassis
– Add a lowdeck chassis variant


Vad&k SCS Software Pannickus


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8 thoughts on “DLC Krone BDF addon by Pannickus for DAF XF 105 By Vad&k [1.32.x]

    1. Polaczek3

      It’s same guy…

    2. Pannickus

      I Didnt upload it here, it was an another guy but it was in my plans to add the mod here to so i have nothing against the guy who upload this <3

      the only thing that you need to change is the download link… o
      otherwise i report the post

  1. Am I doing something wrong? I have the KRONE DLC, the DAF I have inside and the BDF addon I have activated in the mod manager, but it does not work

    1. neranjana

      you have to install DAF 105 By vad&k mod. This mod is not working with original scs daf 105 truck.

      1. i have the DAF by vad&k activated in the mod manager

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.32

  3. Kaio Marques

    I bought the trailer more I go in the cargo manager but there is no freight for me to do what will happen?

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