Doll 3 Axle Owned Trailer v 7.5

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ETS2 1.33.x.x + DLC Scandinavia / France / Italia / Baltic

Doll 3Axles Owned Trailer Version 7.5

– new parts from OP Truckstyling ( OP Truckstyling have make a Paymod from my Mod…now it is for free.
Parts from OP_T are market. Beacons don´t run from OP_T…i don´t know why )

– cargo pics
– new attachment part
– edit cargo files
– edit traffic error

– 3Variants of Chassi
– many attachment parts
– cable simulation
– Steerable Wheels
– with Advanced Trailer Coupling

27 Cargos or Standalone
8 Trailer in Ai Traffic

Cargo : Weihnachts Geschenke Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Leerruecktransport Doll 3Achs Weight : 4 tons traffic
Cargo : Regenueberlaufbecken Fuchs Weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Generator Alt Weight : 25 tons traffic
Cargo : Leerruecktransport mit Liftachs Weight : 5 tons
Cargo : Platmaker Transport Weight : 18 tons traffic
Cargo : Yacht Transport Weight : 15 tons
Cargo : WKA Generatorfundament Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : ENO Maschinenhaus Leer Weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Caterpilar D7H Weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Ulferts BF3 Ruecktransport Weight : 4 tons
Cargo : Caterpillar 980H Weight : 30 tons
Cargo : Agricultural vehicles (Case9230) Weight : 19 tons
Cargo : Gabelstapler Komatsu Weight : 10 tons traffic
Cargo : Krone BigPack 1290XC/HDP Weight : 16 tons traffic
Cargo : Wind Turbinen Teile (Holzkiste) Weight : 28 tons traffic
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 1 Weight : 34 tons
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 2 Weight : 28 tons
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 3 Weight : 24 tons traffic
Cargo : Spare wheel Dumpers Weight : 5 tons traffic
Cargo : Monument Tank Tiger Weight : 40 tons
Cargo : Big Bell Weight : 45 tons
Cargo : Baustellen Zubehöhr Weight : 15 tons
Cargo : Wind Turbinen Teile (Nabe) Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Baustellen Zubehöhr (Container) Weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Agricultural vehicles (Lambog.) Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Agricultural vehicles (Fendt936) Weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Agricultural vehicles (John Deere 9630) Weight : 19 tons

Doll Vario by Roadhunter
Cargos by Roadhunter and SCS and other
Wheels by Ventures
OP Truckstyling

supported me through PayPal :
my page
Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

It is not allowed to upload this mod to other hosters.
It is permissible to offer this mod with the link linked by me in other forums.
Filehoster :
It is not allowed to change this trailer must be equipped with charge and then to
Download offer.
It is allowed to change this trailer for private purposes equip with charge.

Translation with Google

Es ist nicht erlaubt diesen Mod auf einen anderen Hoster zu Uploaden.
Es ist nur erlaubt diesen Mod mit dem von mir zur verfügung gegebenen Link in anderen Foren
Es ist nicht erlaubt, alle Doll Trailer zu einem Pack zusammen zu fügen und zum Download anzubieten.
Es ist nicht erlaubt, den Doll Tieflader mit anderen Ladung zu versehen und zum DL anzubieten.
Es ist erlaubt, den Doll Tieflader für Private zwecke umzubauen, und mit neuer Ladung auszurüsten.

Roadhunter, OP Truckstyling


4 thoughts on “Doll 3 Axle Owned Trailer v 7.5

  1. willy1962

    thanks very much.
    I`m very happy with the update.

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

  3. Hi,
    I cannot install it. Once I try to replace the v7.1, or simply remove it from mod manager, I cannot starr the game anymore

  4. Tor Morten


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