Doll Vario 4 axis Trailer with Caterpillar 257M v 2.0


– Trailer is longer, M257 is bigger and turned texture is fixed
– Trailer is Standalone with own cargo
– Cargo : “Caterpillar 257 M Big”
– Weight: 75 tons

Authors: Roadhunter, Scania730Fahrer, azlyirnizam


14 thoughts on “Doll Vario 4 axis Trailer with Caterpillar 257M v 2.0

  1. Thankyou guys

  2. just a info: Correct name is Caterpillar 797F (or B) (diminished)

    1. olescania

      No! A Cat 797F is a HUGH mine truck over 9.5 meters wide (30+ft.) with a 400 ton capacity, even a 797B has a capacity of 380 tons.This is definitely not a 797F or B. Possiblely a 773. :-).

  3. Milovan23

    It’s also axles instead of axis.

  4. Thank you Roadhunter

  5. damian302

    THX for mod, it’s awsome. I found a little problem with this mod. Trailer is too big for gate on the highway, maybey in the next version trailer will be a little narrower.

    1. olescania

      I have no problems with this trailer/load going through tollgates on highways. Am using a Scania T730 10×4(6) tractor and you must go thru slow, dead straight and dead centered, you cannot get through if you aren’t straigth or if you’r offcentre . Only problem I’ve ever had with tollbooths was due to length of multiple axle tractors like this which would not trigger the tollbooth. Solved that issue by using “No Barrier” mod which allows you to transit tollbooths like a real truck with a transponder installed, ie without requiring you to stop, just drive on trucker!

  6. it looks more like 773G

  7. Can anyone drive with that trailer out from the quarry??
    Sorry for bad english im from austria

    1. olescania

      I havn’t managed to get out of a quarry yet with this trailer, suspect problem is that trailer is so low that it gets hung up on uneven road surface in quarry as evn having 730hp doesn’t help. Only way to get out so far is to call for a towtruck a pull you in to a workshop and then drive form there. 🙂

  8. Anybody familiar with ETS2 12.1. Not working mods

  9. Scott Hiddelston

    I love this mod. It is by far the most interesting trailer to pull in the whole game. But in the latest ETS2 release the trailer is too long for the Channel Tunnel and gets trapped on the train to where it cannot be driven off. The only workaround I have found is to call for help and be towed to Calais. Can this be fixed? Again, this is by far the best trailer mod around. Thank you.

    1. olescania

      Simple solution, like in real life a trailer/load tis size would never use the “Chunnel” , only normal size trucks can fit on the train, so use the ferry crossings instead. 🙂

  10. olescania

    After some experimentation and numerous attempts have finally succeded in driving out of quarry with this load/trailer. Used a Scania T730 on a 10×6*4 chassis. Required setting the Transmission to Sequential and shifting manually. Auto transmission settings allow the trans to keep trying to upshift eventually causing a stall on the steepest slope of the roadway out of the quarry. Manually holding the trans in a low gear, say 3rd or 4th maybe 5th of a 14 speed allows the engine to keep working at slightly higher rpms without stalling.

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