Dong Feng DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28

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The mod uploaded before was just a rename of v2.6 for ETS2 v1.26:

I tweaked and adapted it to work properly on v1.28:
– Fixed crashes when installing lights
– Added missing small lights
– Fixed missing rope texture for hanging cab accessories
– Fixed some other bugs (It still has some bugs I forgot to fix)

You can buy it from Scania gallery.

HEMPAM Group, MaxaGent, nlgzrgn


19 thoughts on “Dong Feng DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

    1. jorgent97 = why are you trying to give a review on someone else’s mod, which review already!??
      Dude, dance and you dance , I’ll give you a measly 10 € just don’t embarrass yourself for other people’s work, poor beggar in search of dollar, poor -xd

  2. ETS2-保重

    Thank you for your defense

  3. ETS2-保重

    Thank you for your MODS

  4. CaptIISilveR



    1. Hey! I just wanted to fix crashes (you couldn’t install any lights) by tracing the error logs in console. I’m new at SCS modding stuff.

      Btw, thanks for your work. If I make an edit or update for it, your name will be added. (Even if you don’t care)

  5. CaptIISilveR

    Something strange with text formayying on this site… :\

    1. Not really. Strange ‘plus’ signs appear if you take too long time for writing here. Okay, write your text and then – and not forget – press on ‘New puzzle’ = reload captcha code. Wait until it appears. Then type in the code and send your message. It will be okay then.

  6. CaptIISilveR

    Once again, truly corrected version of that mod (link from my previous post):

    You’re free to reupload it anywhere you want.

  7. I would like to see a international RXT

    1. Kei, you have not THOUGHT before you wrote.
      Remember our last conversation?

      1. No, don’t talk.

        1. Im sorry! I didn’t know….

          1. DerpbombGaming

            lol kei do you have nothing better to do? you request #### stuff on literally every single mod!

          2. yes DerpbombGaming! so because to need a truck and cars mod for ETS2 mods..

    2. CaptIISIlveR

      I would like to see naked girls at my door right now. But nobody really cares what do you want.

    3. CaptIISilveR

      I would like to see naked girls at my door right now. But nobody really cares what do we want.

  8. kaptan007

    not work
    complete gave ERROR

    1. CaptIISilveR

      Check for conflicts with other mods you have. I’ve tested it on unmodded profile and it works fine (besides two non-crirical texture errors in log)

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