Dong Feng DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28

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The mod uploaded before was just a rename of v2.6 for ETS2 v1.26:


I tweaked and adapted it to work properly on v1.28:
– Fixed crashes when installing lights
– Added missing small lights
– Fixed missing rope texture for hanging cab accessories
– Fixed some other bugs (It still has some bugs I forgot to fix)

You can buy it from Scania gallery.

HEMPAM Group, MaxaGent, nlgzrgn


19 Responses to Dong Feng DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Hd test…

    • welling says:

      jorgent97 = why are you trying to give a review on someone else’s mod, which review already!??
      Dude, dance and you dance , I’ll give you a measly 10 € just don’t embarrass yourself for other people’s work, poor beggar in search of dollar, poor -xd

  2. ETS2-保重 says:

    Thank you for your defense

  3. ETS2-保重 says:

    Thank you for your MODS

  4. CaptIISilveR says:



    • nlgzrgn says:

      Hey! I just wanted to fix crashes (you couldn’t install any lights) by tracing the error logs in console. I’m new at SCS modding stuff.

      Btw, thanks for your work. If I make an edit or update for it, your name will be added. (Even if you don’t care)

  5. CaptIISilveR says:

    Something strange with text formayying on this site… :\

    • gerd_e says:

      Not really. Strange ‘plus’ signs appear if you take too long time for writing here. Okay, write your text and then – and not forget – press on ‘New puzzle’ = reload captcha code. Wait until it appears. Then type in the code and send your message. It will be okay then.

  6. CaptIISilveR says:

    Once again, truly corrected version of that mod (link from my previous post):

    You’re free to reupload it anywhere you want.

  7. Kei says:

    I would like to see a international RXT

    • gerd_e says:

      Kei, you have not THOUGHT before you wrote.
      Remember our last conversation?

      • Kei says:

        No, don’t talk.

        • Kei says:

          Im sorry! I didn’t know….

          • DerpbombGaming says:

            lol kei do you have nothing better to do? you request #### stuff on literally every single mod!

          • Kei says:

            yes DerpbombGaming! so because to need a truck and cars mod for ETS2 mods..

    • CaptIISIlveR says:

      I would like to see naked girls at my door right now. But nobody really cares what do you want.

    • CaptIISilveR says:

      I would like to see naked girls at my door right now. But nobody really cares what do we want.

  8. kaptan007 says:

    not work
    complete gave ERROR

    • CaptIISilveR says:

      Check for conflicts with other mods you have. I’ve tested it on unmodded profile and it works fine (besides two non-crirical texture errors in log)

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