Double Owned Trailer All Across Eurpe

This mod enable double trailers to be used all Europe! Semi +tandem, b_double and HCT! Enjoy!

Th ismod has been tested to work in ETS2 version 1.35.x without any issues.

Kezifekes Laci


7 thoughts on “Double Owned Trailer All Across Eurpe

  1. Abi Games

    It work great man. thanks alot !

    1. Kezifekes Laci

      Thanks! Very welcome!

  2. Furryman625

    does it work with promods/promods middle east/rusmap/southern/great steppes ?

    1. Kezifekes Laci

      I think yes, but i doesn’t tried. Please try and let me know!

  3. Can we do external market with it.

  4. where do i find this trailer my friend ??

    1. Kezifekes Laci

      This is my trailer skin! Not part of it the mod.

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