Double Trailer v 2.0

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v2 update
Dolly length reworked by AlexeyP
So now trailer can turn on angle more that 90 degree
I was sure, if I change attribute “length” of trailer_def, this trailer train can fit on some warehouses like a “posped”, unfortunately it not work.

Dolly from ATS, trailer model reworked by AlexeyP
This mod add dbule trailer in your jobs. For fans only
Not so easy driving on narrow curves, take a job and finish it.
SCS default trailer Schmitz Universal with rear hook to connect dolly and next trailer.
All skins are SCS default, if you don’t change trailers defaults skins.

BE WARNING. You may not take a job and finish your job on some small warehouses.
So this mod in NOT compatible with WOTr online jobs.
In some cases you can coupling trailer from trailer side.

SCS, AlexeyP, Piva

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DOWNLOAD 3 MB [Uploadfiles]

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5 thoughts on “Double Trailer v 2.0

  1. trailer is too long to stay inside compartment trucks of calais..
    when you finish the trip and arrive at dover, the final part of this trailer is stuck on the frame of compartment.. please check it again.

  2. I can’t fix it now. I wrote about it in mod announcement.

  3. Justin idea

    any chance of a fridge or fuel version please piva?

  4. Mad Trucker

    Great Mod. I love it.

  5. Can someone please tell me how to start the job? I looked for the trailer in job list but I couldn’t find it, and yes I have activated the mod,

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