Double trailers in all companies across Europe v2.1

Now double trailers are available in all companies across Europe. Not only in Scandinavia.
Works on any maps.
For ETS2 version 1.30.x

Version 2.1 – adapted for DLC Italia.

SCS Software, DutchMan, LH_Trucker


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5 thoughts on “Double trailers in all companies across Europe v2.1

  1. mod还是游戏以更新,我没看懂。

    1. Daniel1258

      Hello actually this mod it adds the double trailers in any company if you play the game you will see that the double trailers they are only restricted in the region of Scandinavia ie the north of europe.

  2. @dr_jaymz


  3. trailer is too long to stay inside compartment trucks of calais..
    when you finish the trip and arrive at dover, the final part of this trailer is stuck on the frame of compartment.. please check it again.

  4. Lubbertran Fix

    update to 1.32????????

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