Double Wheels for Trailers

Double-Wheels-for-Trailers-1 Double-Wheels-for-Trailers-2

Double Wheels for all Trailers

Author: Riodandy007


10 Responses to Double Wheels for Trailers

  1. fredy says:

    Excelent mod Thanks Riodandy007 works perfect !!!!

  2. luk says:


    Great mod. But it’s minus is they are available for All trailers. That means they appearing in lowloaders as well as others. But apart that great mod…

    • riodandy007 says:

      may in the next update without the lowbed trailer 😀

  3. juneau78 says:

    mantaf gaann! :thumbup

  4. GhostrickAll says:

    best mod ever 🙂
    I like the Alcoa wheels and trailer

  5. Balya Haidar says:

    Keren gan,mantap (y)

  6. Rizqi_eRGe says:

    Keren gan, karya anak bangsa Luar biasa! Apresiasi 4 jempol ane gan haha

  7. epn says:

    great mod! but still have a minus. the wheels also applied to lowbed trailers. the wheels are bigger than the arch wheel. hope you update this mod later so it not replace the original lowbed trailers wheels, or could you make another lowbed trailers wheels mod. which is added to the latest mod version later. sorry for my bad english

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