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Horn Pack

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14 thoughts on “Horn Archive

  1. Nice man! Thnx was looking 4 this 😛

  2. May i ask what scania mod that it?

  3. Dutch-Wave

    The scania looks Nice with mod is it from the scania??

  4. Yeah also the Scania on picture looks nice but the horns don’t work for me? I have Scania Streamline & Scania R but doesn’t work. I like the bird tweet thing :p

  5. Like an ice cream truck hahahaha

  6. you have permission to use my photo ???

  7. alone volvo ?

    1. Scania,Volvo,Renault (Premium and Magnum) and Mercedes

      1. Good material thanks first.

        May I ask if ??

        The other details.

        Mods compression -> encryption shrink

        please tell me how to program or compression because beginners.

  8. TBH, I dont like this sounds they are to high toned, it needs to be more V8 sounds in the horns, would be nice if you made it 🙂

  9. is it is compatible with Volvo G7 1600 buses

  10. has this Scania been uploaded for download at all,sorry if off topic

  11. wath button is it ? dont get it activate
    i have a scania punisher ..


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