DPD Skin for BDF Tandem Trailers


This mod adds a DPD skin for BDF Tandem Trailers.

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Have fun!



4 thoughts on “DPD Skin for BDF Tandem Trailers

  1. I had a Look to your Mods.
    The Author of Trucks/Trailers is FlemmingV.
    You forget it in the Credits of your Mods!!!
    Here and in the Manifest…

    1. doesn’t argue ’bout this, however this is only the skins
      a small note could be said that it suitable/works for FlemmingV’s tandempack mod.

      One could say everyone should credit: SCS …they made the game ๐Ÿ™‚
      that would be to much to ask for every uploader or would it ?

      Skins look great, I’m using tandems almost everytime i do some driving, as it also works in WOT’s …. Thanks to FlemmingV 4 that !

  2. Of course i didnt create the truck!
    This is nothing more then a repaint of the Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack. They have their own manifest and autors.

  3. sofianinho

    Can you make a pack with all the skins instead of individual releases ? thank’s.

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