Drift/Ice Physics V1

This mod has been tested on 1.33
Dont recomend using it on 1.32 (cabin is not stable really unstable)

Changes the way your truck behaves, almost like on ice, at times it can be difficult to control.

This mod also ads engines and transmitions to each truck for more power.(easier to drift)

This mod may be incompatable with other vehicle mods as vehicle mods were made for the current ingame physics.



5 Responses to Drift/Ice Physics V1

  1. scania_dragon says:


  2. AqueriksV2 says:

    Can you get it for 1.32 pls?

  3. Gibson & Vexo Studio says:

    Very nice mod! Video test: https://youtu.be/oYONYyeLKSU
    Thank you man!

  4. Gibson & Vexo Studio says:

    Vido test with AWD Scout (Skoda): https://youtu.be/ycys7s4VPWo

  5. Gibson & Vexo Studio says:

    Video test 2: https://youtu.be/noTzBSddbKU

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