Drivable Shopping Cart

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Küçük hızlı ayanların favori aracı olan alışveriş sepeti ETS2’de!
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Little kids favorite car The Shopping Cart is in the ETS2!

Metehan BİLAL


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45 thoughts on “Drivable Shopping Cart

  1. No Comment!!!

  2. Sergio M.

    This… is quite a bizarre mod. No lie.

  3. This is a most multiplayer drivers !
    And now we know how they look without a cabin !

  4. ### is that again ?
    More and more Waste is coming up here… 🙁

  5. waste!

  6. Could you ###### shut the #### up?
    If you don’t like it don’t download it!

  7. How many times have you seen a shopping trolley drive down the streets or motorways??!!

    If you don’t like criticism don’t produce such a pointless and unrealistic mod!!!

  8. SidVicious

    Stop putting GTA #### into our game, you Turkish hackers are getting worse every week, it’s illegal for a start and totally pointless. Are you the same fuckin’ ###### that uploaded the drivable wheelchair as well, SCS already know about that.

    1. Metehan BİLAL

      My purpose is just making this game more funnier than car mods but people like you that are making worst.

    2. Lol, look at the steam workshop most downloaded mods.
      And you will at least 4 Turkish mods in top 10.

      So stop crying and just have fun. We are lucky we have Turkish modders. Pathetic losers…

      He made the mod just for fun, for joke. What’s wrong with that?
      Don’t download and go f.k away.

  9. Jesus Christ, please stop it xD

  10. It’s funny to see how people suffer because you made this shopping cart and the wheelchair :))).
    Continue making these, I really like the comments from “haters” XD.

    1. Metehan BİLAL

      Yeah me too like that but they don’t understand my purpose. I don’t like it.

      1. CARSACELL

        nice mod

    2. You´re a Psychopath or what ?
      But you not normal and not a real ETS2-Fan.
      ###### Comment from a Kid… LOL

      1. Dude, stop your PC now, and go outside to find some friends and learn some english. It’s just a game, don’t live in it. You are just a ten years old kid, thinks that he is badass on internet, but in real life he is not even a ####. Don’t call me a “psychopath” and “kid”, because I can see your intelligence level. When you will drive a truck in real life, call me! Bye!

  11. Russian biest

    Ha-ha-ha! Too funny for words! Next thing on the agenda is a
    pilgrim with pastoral staff. :))

  12. AzoraxModdingGaming

    next thing will be a driveable person….

  13. AzoraxModdingGaming

    seriously stop…. i dont mind cars but this is just bullshit

  14. Awesome . waiting next mod XD Thanks

  15. The world is doomed! 🙁

    1. lordmodets2

      someone already said “social networks served to show us that there are a lot more ###### in the world than we could imagine”

      1. He is right, but he is still far off when we see the movie Idiocracy, which was already visionary of the time in which we live!

  16. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  17. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.32 I Mod – Test ▶️ Einkaufswagen Mod

  18. lordmodets2

    as it is said here in Brazil ” vai trabalhar ! filho de uma égua ! ”
    translate: ” go to work ! son of a mare! “

  19. iTzSplashed

    typical ###### turks without hobbies..

    1. niksarlı

      hello my friend senın ananı avradını sıkerım orospu cocugu,amının ortasına bi koyarım aptal olursun, good bye my friend

    2. So you have a hobby and still playing the same game like us and commenting on here. Wow you are such an important person.LOL

      You and your country can’t even create a simple texture mod but you cry over this mod. LOL again.

      Just f.k off

      Turkish modders rules both games. All of the free and payware TOP mods made by Turks.

      You fell sore about what Ottoman did in the past 1000 years. But it’s enough it’s not Ottoman anymore, it’s Turkey now. So grow up.

      1. Turks are the only muslims in this community that’s why the hate.

        We didn’t pick our religion. And your religion is not different from ours. So stop these racist comments.

        Point out a quality modder from your country then i can shut up. But you can’t. Majority of the ETS2 talented modders are Turks. That’s the fact. If you ignore stop browsing on 1-2 mod site and make some search.

  20. J.F.Later

    -Let’s go shopping!!!!!!!

  21. mehrab rjl 8000

    jesus ####### christ 😐

  22. Ахахаха

  23. PolishDriverTruck

    Crazy test
    HD Video Test 1.32…

  24. What a waste…

  25. Mach die mod so das man damit heizen kann setz den Affen in den Einkaufswagen aber mit Helm °___° und dann speed man muss dann viel geraucht haben aber ich finde die Geil hahah mach weiter so ich hab hier schon viel schlimmere mods gesehen diese mod ist zumindest ohne Bugs und ERRORS in der Log der Junge kann also was

  26. MovingTarget

    Y’all need to chill. It’s just a game and dude made something fun. I personally wouldn’t use it because it’s not my style for a game like this, but i can see how somebody else would. It’s a joke. It’s not serious.

    1. I agree on everything you wrote, it’s just a joking way (he also lost time to create it) I did not understand all these comments, and I would like to ask everyone what is the difference between this mod and the car mods and bus in ETS2?
      is not a truck simulator?

      1. lordmodets2

        sorry for ZOZO, that’s why there are other games to play with, for this they exist, just as the ETS2 is for those who like simulators, as realistically as possible, if anyone who has the work of making mods for ETS2 should use his ability to improve the realism of the game and not do antics, if that make him do just for his game, and do not keep filling that site with garbage.

        1. My friend. you say well this is a truck simulator why should I drive a car or a bus? of trash there is a lot on the forum and I do not think that this has created problems, we all are not obliged to download it (I do not download it and I think you too).
          All these comments should be addressed to all those who use the textures of others
          copying steal and modify the mod without any permission, and the thing I hate the most those study unblocked mods and when they understand how to do, their mods block and this makes me too angry because I can do little and I learned from the old skinners and modders (free mods for all) safe the English is not correct I hope you can understand what I mean.

  27. southovheaven

    Nice work and funny mod, let the haters hate, funny how they get mad because of a mod they don’t have to use.
    I wonder when joachimk releases his perfect mods, maybe he has not enough time because of flaming everybody.

  28. President10 [pasamali]

    kendinizi rezil etmekten vaz geçin gerizekalılar çok mu para kazanmak istiyorsunuz o zaman gidin çöp toplayın aptallar rezil ettiniz oyunu.

  29. Heaven and Hell

    Like i said, this site is getting worse and worse day after day! No quality mods anymore, only few of them. Why? Because some people here are chasing the fame by making useless junk mods just for fun? It is supposed this site is for truckers ONLY and not a kindergarten!

  30. Hacı ne yaptın sen ya asdasdad 😀 eline sağlık.

  31. Bluemanclarinet3

    Please update for 1.34

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