Dump Trailer Animation 1.0

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Dump Trailer with Realistic Animation

Have a realastic animation when coopling and decoopling and sling animation in idle

+ Realistic Animation (Dump, Jack, …)
+ Sling Animation in idle
+ Coopling and DeCoopling Animation (Brace)
+ Stock Model
+ Stock Texture (a few edited)
+ Shadow
+ Without Down FPS
+ …

Change Log:
Version 1.0:
+ First Realese
+ Coal with Cover Cargo added

Convert, Animation: Amir Mahdavi
3D Model: SCS Software
Texture: SCS Software, Amir Mahdavi
Def: Mahyar Ghasemi, Amir Mahdavi

Amir Mahdavi



17 thoughts on “Dump Trailer Animation 1.0

  1. Amir Mahdavi

    contact me every probloms, bugs and ideas

  2. Very cool man thanks!

  3. MERCI !!! exellent !!! 😀

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Nice idea, but a bit to fast & if you
    blinking right, left & right is “blinking” ?

    1. AmirMahdavi

      brace animation speed not editable and default is 2sec

      tnx for report problom

  5. Nice mod bro.Thanks
    Can animation trailer?

    1. AmirMahdavi

      yes but need permission from creators

      1. Ok waiting. Add credits author trailer.

        1. Jazzycat also has this trailer.. And without errors like the one in the link. Maybe you should talk to him.

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26… youtube.com/watch?v=j_R3lwoa-50

  7. Congratulations guy!!! =D

  8. A great attempt to improve immersion but “realistic” is the last thing this animation is.

    1. Don’t you get it? Animations are almost impossible to mod because it’s hard-coded into the game. The only way he could of make the mod is by assigning it to the advance trailer coupling that is made by SCS. There is no way to increase the speed or whatever. And I have nothing but respect to the author and so should you.

  9. same for silo trailer please

  10. Nick Vegter


  11. Nick Vegter


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