Realistic driving and physics for all trucks

Realistic driving and physics for all trucks :

– realistic brake
– realistic acceleration
– realistic movement in curves
– realistic physics

It’s perfect to play with HardCore mode ( if you want , not necessary)
PS : I am a truck driver and I know who a truck driving and who it move.
Don’t reupload and don’t change donwload link and author !



9 thoughts on “Realistic driving and physics for all trucks

  1. видео?

  2. Really harder to drive – but more fun. Braking is now about to be considered. Thank you for sharing.

  3. mstfcbngl


  4. Without video I do not download anything.

    1. mstfcbngl

      i agree

  5. James Stephenson

    unfortunately it makes it like driving a cushion. like ets 1

  6. Video

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