Duvenbeck Combo Pack

Duvenbeck (1) Duvenbeck (5) Duvenbeck (4) Duvenbeck (3) Duvenbeck (2)

Duvenbeck Skin for Scania RJL, Mercedes Actros MPIV, Mercedes Actros MPIII, MAN TGX Euro 6, MAN TGX Trucks and Trailer

Trailer: Krone Profiliner
Company: Duvenbeck GMBH
Country: Germany
– Realistic Duvenbeck textures for truck and trailer
– Standalone trailer
– Trailer is not enabled in AI traffic
– Real Krone Profiliner logos
– Including trailer number
– Detailed trailer stickers
– Combo skin pack, and just Truck skin separately downloadable
– Please read the README before distributing and editing
– Mod made in coorporation with Duvenbeck
– First downloadlink for Combo skin pack
– Second downloadlink for Truck skin only
If you are interested in a ‘tailor made’ mod you can visit our website: www.elitesquadmodz.tk

Author: Elitesquad Modz

DOWNLOAD 983 KB [Combo Scania RJL]
DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Combo Mercedes MPIV]
DOWNLOAD 972 KB [Combo Mercedes MPIII]
DOWNLOAD 953 KB [Combo MAN TGX Euro 6]

8 thoughts on “Duvenbeck Combo Pack

  1. lucassman

    Nice skins, but I can’t see Duvenbeck logo above front window on Actros MP IV truck. Running on 1.19……

    1. scania_dragon

      It’s an incomplete skin.

      1. Und wieder ein unqualifizierter Beitrag.
        Stopt er endlich alles negativ zu beurteilen, ohne zu wissen, was los ist?

        STOP YOUR SPAM !

  2. lucassman

    Nice skin but I can’t see Duvenbeck logo that should be above front window. I’m runnung on 1.19 game version….

    1. Elitesquad Modz

      It is working fine on 1.19 i Think that you choose the Bigspace or Gigaspace cabin, the skin is Only fully working on Streamspace, so try that out. Btw streamspace is lowest and smallest cabin

      1. lucassman

        My fault then, thanks for help……

        1. Elitesquad Modz

          No problem enjoy 🙂

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