E-Myto for whole Europe compatible for all Trucks v 1.0 [1.31 – 1.32]

This is a simple mod to increase realism
The mod add electronic devices for toll in any Euro Truck Simulator 2 country.
You can find it in pendants set.

– ViaToll for Poland
– Premid for Czech Republic
T-elepass for French, Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal
– Gobox for Slovakia
– Satellic for Belgium
– Brobizz for Scandinavia

Ropasiak ; adapted by Terg


5 Responses to E-Myto for whole Europe compatible for all Trucks v 1.0 [1.31 – 1.32]

  1. ED101 says:

    Any chance to get it in the lower right corner of the window (where usually the nameplate sits)

    • Maciej says:


      Mam pytanie czy mógłbyś tak przerobić i dodać białoruskiego BYTOLL i ruskiego Platona i niemieckiego Toll Collect

  2. maciek says:


    Czy mógłbyś coś takiego przerobić i tez dodać Toll Collect Platona RUS i białoruskiego BYTOLLA i było by super

  3. sissy says:

    a good VIRUS 😉

    • your mama says:

      there is no virus you faggot.. the virus is from something else in your pc, it is infected your game..by you not cleaning your pc from porn and stuff.. learn to pc not to whine ya little sissy

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