E-Myto for whole Europe compatible for all Trucks v 1.0 [1.31 – 1.32]

This is a simple mod to increase realism
The mod add electronic devices for toll in any Euro Truck Simulator 2 country.
You can find it in pendants set.

– ViaToll for Poland
– Premid for Czech Republic
T-elepass for French, Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal
– Gobox for Slovakia
– Satellic for Belgium
– Brobizz for Scandinavia

Ropasiak ; adapted by Terg


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5 thoughts on “E-Myto for whole Europe compatible for all Trucks v 1.0 [1.31 – 1.32]

  1. Any chance to get it in the lower right corner of the window (where usually the nameplate sits)

    1. file:///C:/Users/Maciej/Desktop/e-myto-for-all-europe-in-all-trucks-v1-0-1-31-1-32_1_4SQ1F.jpg

      Mam pytanie czy mógłbyś tak przerobić i dodać białoruskiego BYTOLL i ruskiego Platona i niemieckiego Toll Collect

  2. file:///C:/Users/Maciej/Desktop/e-myto-for-all-europe-in-all-trucks-v1-0-1-31-1-32_1_4SQ1F.jpg

    Czy mógłbyś coś takiego przerobić i tez dodać Toll Collect Platona RUS i białoruskiego BYTOLLA i było by super

  3. a good VIRUS 😉

    1. your mama

      there is no virus you ######.. the virus is from something else in your pc, it is infected your game..by you not cleaning your pc from #### and stuff.. learn to pc not to whine ya little sissy

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