EAA Bus v 4.0

EAA-Bus-1 EAA-Bus-3 EAA-Bus-2

Version 4.0:
* Passenger bus transportation.
* Update for 1.24
* Fixed some bugs.

Game Version 1.24

Author: Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 828 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 828 MB [Sharemods]

8 Responses to EAA Bus v 4.0

  1. The Gamer says:

    do I need to start a new profile? pls tell me!

  2. Min jun Lee says:

    The download is block so i thick you should make anther download link..

  3. BPP says:


  4. Radman26 says:

    I’ve tried downloading from this version and 2.0.2 and it says that the file is corrupt when I try to extract it. Looks great though!

  5. Freezicgaming says:

    Works perfectly 🙂 thanks (y)

    • Freezicgaming says:

      I take that back, its either damaged or corrupted. please reupload it.

  6. DRETSE says:

    Game crash 🙁

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