EAA Normal Map v 4.2 [1.26]

The updated beta EAA 4.2 version patch 1.26.
Added several towns and roads, upgraded some models.
Changed the gas station model, redesigned access routes to many databases.

DLC France is not obligatory. Those who do not have 26 France, run the profile. If you had started with France, that without it no longer will.

In archive two files, Base map above to connect.

Team EAA


6 Responses to EAA Normal Map v 4.2 [1.26]

  1. Sotka_GER says:

    Hey Team EAA!
    Congratulation to this new map. I like it since I started to play the ETS2, maybe one and a half year ago. Video is out on my yt-channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHmiWCwBNAw
    Sorry, but it is in german! Regards from Germany!
    Keep maping guys!

  2. ronny2408 says:

    Excelente mapa, solo una consulta por que no funcionan los mods de trailers de carga y solo aparecen trailers blancos o de empresas brasileras

  3. melios says:

    We need this with France?

  4. ronny2408 says:

    Why do not mods load trailers and only appear white trailers or Brazilian companies?????

  5. melios says:

    Promods+2.15+Project Balkans v 2.21+EAA+RUSMAP+1.7.1+WORK+GOOD+!!!!!

  6. Muhmad says:

    Can you make EAA bus map for 1.26 ?

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