EAGLE edition

EAGLE Edition skin for the Scania by RJL V2.2
only for Topline
Metallic color
Don’t reupload it on other site with an other link.
Respect the original link !!



8 thoughts on “EAGLE edition

  1. One of the coolest looking skins for your Scania, even better that you can change the metallic colour. Great Job!

  2. The most acurrate skin I’ve ever seen for Scania. Thank you.

  3. mikehackenbacker

    most excellent work

  4. Magnificent ! Thank you .

  5. Aland1989-SWE

    Are you gonna support this mod because it looks so so good

  6. Aland1989-SWE

    is this a supported mod?

    1. toyotires22

      This mod is supported for Scania RJL V2.2

      1. Aland1989-SWE

        I meant are you gonna support the mod for further versions of scania rjl because it looks so great

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