Eastern Express 8.2 Fix (by 31/12/15)


Fix map Eastern Express 8.2 for patch 1.22.
– All noticed bugs today (12/30/2015).
Previous patch to remove.
Set the priority above the map.



4 thoughts on “Eastern Express 8.2 Fix (by 31/12/15)

  1. nem müködik nekem a steamon

  2. akkor próbáld meg :

    Töröld le a steamot teljesen majd telepítsd újra és úgy próbáld meg

  3. chuj nie dziala wywala z gry

  4. 00:03:04.963 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/sign.rus.sii’, line 6000:
    00:03:04.963 : [unit] The unit name ‘sign.5432rus’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘sign_model’).
    00:03:04.963 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/sign.rus.sii)
    00:03:05.472 : management\core_resource_server.cpp(521): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Data error.

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