Edbergs Transport AB 1.32.x

Edbergs Transport AB skins by scaniakungen730
Update for version 1.32.x


Mod needed:
-Scania RJL
-Ekeri semi trailer by kast
-Ekeri tandem addon trailer by kast
-Lightbox by powerkasi (powerkasi.Scania.RS.addons.1.2)
Do not re-upload this mod please!

Ekeri by Kast, SCS, RJL, 50Keda, powerkasi(alias J.Snow)

Ekeri by Kast, SCS, RJL, 50Keda,

Ekeri by Kast, SCS, RJL, 50Keda,


7 thoughts on “Edbergs Transport AB 1.32.x

  1. noelasegg

    A question, When i try going to the scania rjl and into the paintjobs i can’t see the skin any solution?

    1. scaniakungen730

      Maybe because you don’t use kast chassi?

  2. Sweden_trucker

    good job man. can you make a skin of the company my dad works for. Here is a link for the truck and trailer

  3. noelasegg

    Is that in norway Sweden_trucker? Cuz i have been in norway.

    1. scaniakungen730

      It’s Swedish Company truck 🙂

  4. noelasegg

    I fixed my issue.

  5. I live where this truckes are

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