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Eddie Stobart mod Ver 2.0 By MrTheFlashBack
it makes the following changes:

-Daf XF & DAF XF Euro 6 skins
-Mercedes Actros MP3 & MP ¤ skins
-Scania R Stobart skin
-Volvo FH16 and FH 2013 skins
-Stokes & LKWlog companies replaced with Eddie stobart Comapany
-Eddie stobart trailers in white and green

All the skins except the old Daf Xf skin only work with the biggest truck cabins. But try if they fit the smaller ones to be sure!

MrTheFlashBack Scs Software


18 thoughts on “Eddie Stobart Company mod

  1. wheres the video then

    1. It’s right there? You can’t see the video? :F

  2. stobert brittish company owner died recently

    1. in 2011

  3. perfectly painting job, TYVMuch

  4. does this do for any map version

    1. Yes this also changes the stokes and lkw log comapany buildings to Stobart buildings 😛 And this works with most amps, but not sure with te ones that have company mos attached to them.

  5. Create more company skin packs please.

    1. Yeah I might do more in the future 🙂

  6. Wheelwasher

    The right sie of the truckskins is mirrored, Fan Young fix this ?

  7. Wheelwasher

    I mean can you fix this?

    1. Well it’s kind of difficult get good photos from both sides of every truck model and brand, I’ve been trying to find some but it takes a lot of time to find a photo that can actually be used to do so. Even sometimes finding one side of a stobart truck seems difficult(yeah I know it sounds crazy) because usually most images of the trucks have been taken from the front slightly angled so from those photos usually I cant use anything for the sides.

  8. tait & lyale suger

  9. RonMontano

    Hey , does these mods also work in multiplayer cause for me it only seems to work in solo player mode or am i doing somthing wrong ???

    Plese reply to me usin my email thanks


    1. no mods can be used in the multiplayer mode to my knowledge. It’s hard to send an email hence you didn’t provide me with one.

  10. what version is this 1,17 or 1.18

  11. Can you give me a dummies guide on how to set this mod up? i havent a clue and dont know where too start

  12. Hey thank you for this nice Mod!
    First I tried with Scania Series 1 🙂

    Would it be possible to add

    Renault from Alex:

    and Volvo VNL from Aradeth:

    Cheers Woha

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