Egypt addon 1.01 for 1.26


Mod updated for version 1.26
Addon works fine with MHA Eu Map, Promods Map and the default SCS Map



11 Responses to Egypt addon 1.01 for 1.26

  1. spartacus33 says:

    Thanks, i will test it and report here…
    Just one thing, for go to Egypt, the ferry line is open to Barcelona ???
    Or other place ???

  2. spartacus33 says:

    In the picture, in north of Cairo, i can see 4 lines ferry to 4 city in Europe !!!

    I forget, i play with the last Promods V2.1.1 & the game V1.25XXX

  3. Terra says:

    Game not load with this map activated

  4. SlavikSD says:

    My screen)))

  5. RustyNail666 says:

    This is a robbing off of my Work.
    The Original is RustyNail666
    Reupload is NOT ALLOWED

  6. RustyNail666 says:

    @ SlavikSD
    If this is “YOUR SCREEN” than it is also “YOUR LINK”
    Congratulation for this!
    the Egypt Addon 2.0 will NOT be released, if my Work is stolen!
    You can read this in:
    – the Licence
    – the SCS board
    – the other Threads to my Work.

    you have stolen it.
    So i want to have 1. a sorry from you
    2. if i get no sorry, and you do not promise never to steal my Work again

    .. i quit
    this is final descision

    await your Comment.

  7. RustyNail666 says:

    @ Moderation:
    okay. I seen it here:
    it is the Original link of my Work.
    not the typical Way, but this is – okay –

    @ SlavikSD
    next Time, please ASK ME –
    but thank you for keep the Link.
    The Situation is clear with this – all is okay.

    So everyone have Fun to drive there.
    and sorry, but i see my work so often stolen the last
    Time, that i go hard against every relink, without asking me.

    but here – no Problem.
    So @ Slavik: My Sorry, all is okay + nice.
    best Greetings
    RustyNail666. / Author of Egypt.

  8. Greg51fr says:

    The game does not load with the base map

  9. Delfie says:

    when I try to start from calais to cairo game crash!

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