Ekeri Jumbo


Ekeridzumbo trailers with Bring and Proline companies skins. Replaces all available trailers. Tested in 1.xx. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Ekeri Jumbo

  1. Yellofoxx Skinworxx

    This Trailer doesn’t work in my Config. Also no explaination or anything there to inform about. No manifest inside…. Maybe you should rework the trailer again and make it standalone. I think this will be even better with own skins and own cargoes. Greets

  2. TeddyBear


  3. :like:

    1. Faelandaea

      Wow. Well that screenshot definitely confirms what I had posted below LOL.

  4. Faelandaea

    Do NOT download this!!!!!

    As with all mods, the first thing I do when I download is examine all contents of the inside of the file before I bother to install it, using a VM environment of course. I found pretty much more wrong with this mod than any other mod ever uploaded here …

    This entire mod pack does not have a single dds texture file in it. I do see a lot of “dif” files … according to Wiki:

    “Data Interchange Format (.dif) is a text file format used to import/export single spreadsheets between spreadsheet programs (OpenOffice.org Calc, Excel, Gnumeric, StarCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, FileMaker, dBase, Framework, Multiplan, etc.).”

    That’s a red light. Accessed text files – probably a virus code embedded in there somehow.

    But, hey, I could be wrong, so I took it to stage two of the pre-install inspection process – I brought the thing into Blender … all I can say is holy hell what a MESS! See the screenshot below. ### is that HUGE white mess separate from the trailer? Is this an ETS2 roleplay of V’ger about to swallow the Enterprise???


    And as expected, these supposed “dif” files never read as textures. That is quite suspicious.

    I figured, though, “Hey, there’s hope”, so I switched view mode to see physical details better …


    Okay so based on that screenshot, the conclusion for this mod is that not only are the “texture” files completely fake (and suspect – I still think there’s a virus or malicious code in them somewhere), but the model is COMPLETELY destroyed. On closer inspection of that huge blob in front of the trailer, a lot of it looks like misplaced and deformed parts of the trailer that are missing from the trailer itself.

    This is NOT an export error or glitch. The only two viable tools for modding in ETS2 – Blender and Photoshop – I have never seen do ANYTHING like this. Even Zmodeler couldn’t make this big of a mess.

    Even the worst mods have hope of being fixed in a 3D program. This is not even one of those. Stay away at all costs, folks.

  5. Hey please fix the trailer i drive for bring and would like to have a trailer after my truck

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