Eldorado Map Free for 1.31

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-Create a new profile;
-Enable the map and in the game mode option change to “eldorado.mbd”

Elvis Félix


17 thoughts on “Eldorado Map Free for 1.31

  1. spiel stürzt leider ab beim starten ansonsten sehr schön geworden per video ausschnitt


    1. elvisfelix

      I just posted a fix fixing this bug.

    2. SleekAssassin

      n the game mode option change to “eldorado.mbd”

      How can I this ???

  2. heavygamer70

    why you changed game? why we have to create a new profile? is it compatible with mhapro map, tsm or other map like in the past?
    This one sucks big….. not happy about your choice.
    If it is this way now, i don’t longer play Eldorado map.
    Bye Bye

  3. Map Run TOP alles bestens OK New Profile Lft Site Modmanager
    and Map

  4. Antonio serrano

    Nice map men:)

  5. nie działa doesnt work

    1. Pewnie trzeba mieć jakieś DLC

  6. Verstehe das ned karte funzt problemlos wahrscheinlich hatt er icht den anderen modus benuzt dann funzt es natürlich nicht war wohl übereifrig :)) gruss venntie

  7. TomDooley

    Sorry, but a standalone map that is NOT in the European continent is deemed unfit for this game. Remove this mod immediately.

    1. Or Tom Dooley, you could just not download it and get on with your life….just saying!

  8. Bağımsız olarak yapılsın. Ana harita üzerinde gözükor böyle oluncada çok zevkli olmuyor.

  9. Solu Rajan


  10. Yapabilen TÜRK bir arkadaş bana ulaşabilir mi
    FACEBOOK:Selim Arda Yaylacı

  11. SleekAssassin

    Enable the map and in the game mode option change to “eldorado.mbd” How can I this ?????

    Pls help thx!!!

  12. Which DLC in this map?

  13. What is the graphics mod showed on the images?

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