Eldorado Map v1.5 + Realistic Physics 9.0 by JBgames


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Have fun now with the latest version of Eldorado map, now added new places, fixed bugs and added numerous new features.

1- Download and extract the Eldorado map.
2- Copy for your mods folder .
3- Please enable mod.
4- Have fun .

-City of Cajati .
-neighborhoods Serrinha, Meninos and ItapeĂșna.
-Added Charges to gas stations ..
-Added Brazilian currency (R$)
-Added Brazilian vehicle plates.
-New Land difficult passage .
-Added A new municipality called Cajati .
-Added 2 new neighborhoods called ” Itapeuna ” and ” Meninos ” to the municipality of Eldorado .
-Added 1 new neighborhood called ” Serrinha ” the municipality of Cajati .

Thanks to beta testers : Genilson Silva, Geovane Rocha , Luis Matias , Akmir Deise , Mutley Medalha, Rubens Duarte and especially for Erico Barbosa.
Obs: If I forgot someone sorry.

Give one to enjoy on our facebook page and participate also in our group .
FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/map.eldorado
Group: https: //www.facebook.com/groups/1455454388112317

elvisfelix and erico Jbgames

DOWNLOAD 537 MB [4shared.com]
DOWNLOAD 537 MB [Mega.co.nz]

37 Responses to Eldorado Map v1.5 + Realistic Physics 9.0 by JBgames

  1. Vlaszlo says:

    thx waited for the 1.9 fix but u added even more stuff keep up the good work

  2. LionBuster says:

    video and 1 download link for physics?

    • elvisfelix says:

      physical already been placed on the map as it is unique !

  3. jonathan says:

    how are you meant to change the module in the create profile screen

    • elvisfelix says:

      Now the map is part of the original , no longer needing to create a new profile. Only need to activate it .

  4. nmgsyp says:

    use other webdisk link pls

  5. Vlad says:

    It works at

  6. tony 06 says:

    video pls when i extract setup no map no model no materiel explain me pls

    • elvisfelix says:

      a new link will be available soon!

    • elvisfelix says:

      remember to extract the mod before putting the folder ! You must use winrar or 7zip

  7. tony 06 says:

    sorry nobody speak french pls ?

  8. tony 06 says:

    help me !!!!

  9. tony 06 says:

    all the time i use win rar

    • elvisfelix says:

      You can try to use 7zip to extract the file to winrar did not work!

  10. tony 06 says:

    after use 7 zip extract i have setup zip very strange no scs files

    • elvisfelix says:

      Tony recommend using the new mega link that came out , you may have downloaded something else that was not the map .

  11. don says:

    cant complete some deliveries the unloaqding spot doesnt appear

  12. Drive Safely says:

    Thank you for making this map compatible with other map mods and the standard map! It’s a beautiful map to drive through with lots of interesting features. 🙂

  13. Drive Safely says:

    The only thing I would suggest is to remove the traffic signs from /model/sign/traffic since these files replace signs in Europe and would confuse European drivers since those signs aren’t familiar.

  14. Driver Mihai says:

    Hd video : https://youtu.be/91fOw_fK4bs

  15. tuyen says:

    i cant extral file winrar, i user winrar, 7zip. ???

  16. tony 06 says:

    hi Elvisfelix all is ok now i reploaded with mega it s better tks for help i used this map and baltics all is ok very nive job nice day truckers take care sorry for my bad english i speak french

  17. nmgsyp says:

    Thanks again! nice map, I like it very much and hope to continue to do better! : )

  18. david says:

    activate the components in mods but no difference to map do i need to start a new game (not seeing it in world map)

    • elvisfelix says:

      no need! activate the mod map and search for it at the bottom on the left side of the map.

  19. barclayer says:

    Waaaw very nice map. I play it with TSM 6 and the rusmap. It works perfect.

  20. Samuel says:

    am currently using version 1.19.2 and and after installing the map i cant pick any job since it crashes. why is this happening??

  21. WobblyCaptain says:

    The map works fine for me I have it connected to the TSM.
    However what I find annoying is when I pick a job they all take me back out of Eldorado and I have to keep searching for jobs if I wish do stay on this map which wasn’t a problem when it was a standalone map.
    Is there a fix for this or is it just luck of the draw when selecting a job.

  22. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is part 1 of some exploring and delivery of cargo with the map…

    Picked up cargo in Calais(ETS2 map)
    Teleported to Pariquera? (will explain in video)
    Going to explore through the map
    Delivered cargo in Paris(ETS2 map)
    To Be Continued In Part 2

    More information is in the video description.

  23. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is part 2 (continuation from part 1)…..

    Picked up cargo in Calais(ETS2 map)
    Teleported to Pariquera? (will explain in video)
    Going to explore through the map(Completed)
    Delivered cargo in Paris(ETS2 map) 2468km run

    More information is in the video description.

  24. hando says:

    does it work on v 1.21?? and on South Korea Adventure Map v 4.0

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