Engine And Transmission Pack Scania S 2016

As the title says, I engineered an engine and transmission for the Scania s 2016.

They are 2 engines in the pack, one over powered and one extremely powered, the second engine has enough power to tow a mountain.
The first engine is unlocked at level 0.
The second at level 2.

The transmission is 18 speed forward and 1 reverse.
It is a speed shift, so very quick shift time.
Unlocks at level 0.

Works with 1.40. and 1.41

la1nar, OLSF, SCS


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3 thoughts on “Engine And Transmission Pack Scania S 2016

  1. does it support eugene scania

    1. it hasn’t been tested on modded trucks, but I don’t think I would work.

  2. Hi, why top speed is 150km/h only , unable to go 200km/h?

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