Engine Sound Mod For ALL TRUCKS [ETS2 1.40/1.39]

motor sound totally revamped, remixed and rebalanced

air powered brake sounds recorded on scs TRUCKS with trailer

practical lift-hub sound added + 3D-situated

genuine converse sound added and 3D-situated to the back of the truck

new horn sound recorded in reallife

new air-horn sound recorded by tiago

added an admonition sound when killing the motor without stopping brake

added interesting window hints of a genuine

new wiper sounds



Interesting videos

3 thoughts on “Engine Sound Mod For ALL TRUCKS [ETS2 1.40/1.39]

  1. And where is the video that shows me how good your MOD is?

    1. Warmidar

      Yup we need video first.

  2. Truckercharly

    7 MB for all trucks? That could´nt be good. Looks like big words for a small mod.

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