Engine Trucks

100,000 hp engine high amplification for all trucks
tested on all version



8 thoughts on “Engine Trucks

  1. Yey battleship engine for trucks awsome wait that’s just retarded,go play nfs or ### u play kid

  2. Yaaay this is starwars ship engine 🙁

  3. I don’t see the problem. Maybe for you this is an useless mod. For me too, but perhaps for someone it be interesting. But there is no reason to disrespect the others, since no one forces you to use a mod, just as no one forces a modder to share his work. That disrespect is more childlike than creating an unrealistic mod.

  4. Like i give a s**t on ur toughts m8 cheers

  5. Benedettini

    Yeah but still this is a ####### SIMULATOR, and the mods, especially those which are UPLOADED HERE, should be in its limits. Not like total supernatural rocket-science whatsoever!

  6. This place is full of meaningless, totally unrealistic mods. It is the own insight of each one who must decide which mods fit their concept of simulator and which do not. I prefer to have the freedom to choose, without others telling me what I should use.

  7. Walter Plinge

    Like the person said – Go play NFS…

    This is a “Realistic Driving Simulator”

    Also – Everyone is entitled to their own, free opinions… Let us not forget that literally millions of people have given their lives for their respective countries in wars, so that we can have “A Free Opinion” to give.

    This is simply my opinion.

    Respect to all

  8. Arsehole.

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