English City Names for SRmap


This changes the city names in the southern region map to english ones.

RusMap, SimKA, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD,TZ, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, Sergei Afanasev, Vladzz-G.


11 Responses to English City Names for SRmap

  1. Robert says:

    How do you install this?

  2. spartacus33 says:

    Just place the Rar file in your mod manager… not need unrar just place it

  3. spartacus33 says:

    In Mod Manager place it just same as for exemple…

    Southern Region Map + RusMap
    1.RusMap Map Package
    2.RusMap Def Package
    3.RusMap Model 2 Package
    4.RusMap Model Package
    6.Southern Region map [Def and Map]
    7.Southern Region map_[Model1]
    8.Southern Region map_[Model2]
    8.Southern Region map_[Model3]

    My test in game is clear…all is functional, thx to Author[s]

  4. EasyPeac3 says:

    sorry guys for the lack of a installation manual.
    and thx to spartacus for the fast help.

  5. Atalap says:

    Can i change rar file to scs file extension name?

  6. EasyPeac3 says:

    ur free do do with that file what u like…

  7. spartacus33 says:

    You welcome EasyPeac3… just to help
    Atalap…….. i don t no.. but this rar on mod manager work perfect, same as other mods in rar

  8. Stilgar says:

    Sadly this fix doesn’t work anymore in 1.27

    It’s flag incompatible

  9. spartacus33 says:

    we hope a new fix on ETS2 1.27 for this SR Map update…. thanks mate !!!

  10. spartacus33 says:

    oupssssssss….. i find this
    SOUTHERN REGION V6.5 [1.27]

  11. Marcel says:


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