English City Names v 1.0 for PM 2.30

This mod should be placed above all other map mods in the mod manager!
Tested with version 1.31 of the game; it should also work with newer/older versions.

Adds English translations of the cities of the following maps/DLCs:
– vanilla map
– DLC “Going East!”
– DLC “Scandinavia”
– DLC “Vive la France!”
– DLC “Italia”
– ProMods v2.30
in brackets.
Example: “Praha (Prague)”

For news, visit https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=19559

ProMods team, SCS


7 thoughts on “English City Names v 1.0 for PM 2.30

  1. Mozna tez zrobic polish city names pod mape

  2. The Evil Gregor

    Bored & useless.

  3. káposzta123

    Are English speakers really this freakin unwilling to say non-English words?

    1. The Evil Gregor

      I don’t care. It depends on the level of opulence of human inner world and worldview of himself. For example: if I want to say “Finland” – I rather say it as “Suomi”; if I want to say “Poland” – I will say “Polska”. But it was VERY summarized examples. So, it’s very beautyful when you can see self-names. It is good for your erudition.

  4. Sprawdzalem na steam jest tez tylko ze przy pobraniu jest ostatnia PM 2.27 z tego linku co podano wyzej

  5. Icemandfr

    So it’s OK for persons to change the map names to Russian, Korean or even Japanese

    But English name interpretations are not welcome!! I think that is a bit Bias to say the lest.

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