Waasdorp Skin for Scania S by SCS v 1.1

WAASDORP Skin for Scania S by SCS.
work only in the high cabin (in normal, do not even try !!!!!!)
There is support for skirts from MDModding.
Also, I added compatibility with the painting of the rear bumper by BadKarma Сustoms.
There is also compatibility with Mighty Griffin DLC.
Fixed incorrect display in the game.



6 thoughts on “Waasdorp Skin for Scania S by SCS v 1.1

  1. Driverstein

    now works,very nice skin!

  2. TeddyBear

    does not fit mirrors.
    does not fit bkc back bumper, and does not fit custom sideskirts.

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      If you use the 1.32 beta version then this paintjob is useless. Because SCS makes a new paintjob system for the Scania 2016.

      1. friendbredovich

        if you can then tell me more about this system send me a letter on [email protected] and maybe the skins will become more beautiful

      2. friendbredovich

        Thanks for the information (if it’s not difficult then write where you can find out more about the new painting system).

  3. Stolen!

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