Enhanced Driving XPerience v2.0 1.44

This mod must be installed at a higher priority over other sound or AI mods.

– Cargo
– Cargo and trailer combinations reworked.
– Inspired by LAFAYET47’s Ownable Cargo Market Rework mod. Consider mine the ‘lite’ version of his.
– Cargo not requiring a cold-temperature climate will no longer use refrigerated trailers.

Some exposed cargo transported by Flatbed trailers can now be transported via Curtainsider trailers.
– Vehicles
– All AI cars, trucks, and buses have realistic acceleration and top speed behavior.
– For every car, engine power and weights have been carefully researched. Each car will accelerate differently. The primary source of information is “automobile-catalog.com”. The secondary source of information is “car.info”.
– Top speed for every car is based on either factory tire specifications, a set speed limiter by the manufacturer, or a theoretical calculation from “automobile-catalog.com”.
– Top speed for every semi-truck varies according to certain configurations and conditions (Euro maximum 90 km/h).
– Trucks pulling some oversized loads will travel according to the displayed speed number on their trailers.
– Top speed for every bus is 100 km/h. Most of them, if not all, have been at the correct setting.

In traffic, there is more variety of trailers (empty and loaded).
The following Combination Vehicles (CV) are added.

– Traffic density has been reworked.
– Special thanks to cipinho for letting me use part of his Real Traffic Density mod!
– World
– Traffic signals have longer and realistic timings.
– Green light interval is at least 20 seconds.
– Left-turn interval is 10 seconds.
– Amber (yellow) light interval is 3 seconds.
– 5-second delay interval between signals.
– Every signal (except on larger intersections) is disabled from 23:00 to 05:00.

Car, truck, and train sounds are emitted based on engine specifications.
Example: If you see an AI Scania with a V8 badge, you’ll hear the actual V8 sound as it drives past.
Horn sounds for both cars and trucks have changed.
Police sirens are replaced with more realistic-sounding ones (Euro style, particularly German).
For now, the sirens are German style until game code allows for multiple styles of sirens for certain countries.
Bad Spring/Summer/Fall Weather
Rainfall is slightly louder, noticeable during heavy precipitation.
Feel Thor’s power through your speakers with better thunder sounds!
Bad Winter Weather
When it is snowing, all you can hear is the sound of air (wind).
Sounds have been added to various movers such as flags, hot air balloons, and commercial airliners. Some sounds such as the helicopter have been improved.



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    Thx so much to Boeing73FLY… so great !!!

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