Enlarged speed limit icon


This mod enlargens the speed limit icon on onboard gps.

Knox_xss, Lixsodey


7 Responses to Enlarged speed limit icon

  1. Kenworth-K200 says:


    • MrDave01 says:

      In English please 😀

      Vagy beszélj a saját nyelveden. 🙂

    • Trego says:

      Lots of people find the speed sign on the GPS too small to read.

      It is not a stupid mod it will help some people. If you don’t want it then don’t download it ……simple .. a bit like you

      • MrDave01 says:

        I made the first large GPS icon mod.

        You are calling me stupid?

  2. MrDave01 says:

    I uploaded a picture about the GPS icon mod.
    The mod released on 03.08.2015 in http://www.eurotrucksimulator.hu/ets-2-nagy-gps-ikon-mod
    I ask the admins to take account of the author and the date of publication.
    I thank MrDave01

    • Creep says:

      Would you like some crackers with your whine? This is a very simple idea and something that many people could easily do. Just because you have a mod up on some random-### webpage doesn’t mean you need to start whining like a child. Grow a pair of balls and stop complaining.

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