Escort Mercedes-Benz Sprinter DLC Special Transport [UPDATE]

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Mod changes the original DLC escort vehicle and replaces it with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Please do not re-upload the file
Because it harms our work
If you edit keep the credits
I hope you like the mod and good game
Drive carefully! Good trip, Merry Christmas

Recommended use additional mods:

Red Mammoet heavy/special transport trailer skin

Rafael Costa, Edson Teles and Nportegies


4 Responses to Escort Mercedes-Benz Sprinter DLC Special Transport [UPDATE]

  1. ErrorMerror123 says:

    tamplate ?

  2. Arthur Vince says:

    Cheers.. and thank you, nice mod… (for all the fakers and trolls who uploading crap or stolen mods, big probs to hard working modders like this guy(s)…)

  3. jean-michel cristol says:

    je le vois pas pourtant heavy transports

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