Red Mammoet heavy/special transport trailer skin

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This chances the heavy/special transport trailer to Mammoets red Trailers for those that want to be more IRL

If you have my other mammoet skin for trailers+van you need to put this above it in the mods list

Mammoet Next Gen Scania S &R +Trailer+Escort Vans Skins

Mammoet RJL Scania R Skin

Happy Truckin

SirBlackyAlot Harven


5 Responses to Red Mammoet heavy/special transport trailer skin

  1. NajamPepette says:

    Thank you very much SirBlackyAlot
    how to have a dark gray trailer?
    Thank you for your help

  2. NajamPepette says:

    ok i found !

  3. Limburgtrucker says:

    hi awesome mod! maybe an idea to do one for V/d Vlist, its a big heavy haul company from the netherlands.

  4. space cam says:

    the wheels dont turn what do i need to do

  5. Philip_Jay_Fry says:

    Work, thx

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