Mammoet Next Gen Scania S &R +Trailer+Escort Vans Skins

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Mammoet Next Gen Scania S &R +Trailer+Escort Vans Skins

This skin is for SCS’s Scania Next Gen S & R

If you have 50keda’s addon’s the light box skin will work
You will also need the heavy Cargo and/or Specal Transport DLC for trailer skin to work

****You will need this for the van Skin to work put under skin in mods list ****

*********** you need to put this skin at the top of you mods list for trailer and lightbox skin to work properly **********as there may be conflicted

You will need
Side window and grill Painted Parts are by Mohegan


Happy Truckin



11 thoughts on “Mammoet Next Gen Scania S &R +Trailer+Escort Vans Skins

  1. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing skin pack:

  2. Awesome mod, looks fantastic!

  3. Driverstein

    New Video with this amazing mod:

  4. AzoraxModdingGaming

    reported for unpermitted reupload of my mod + not including me in authors

    1. He linked to your mod because you need it to run it, and you’re in the credits of that one, plus you need to get onto a page YOU created to download YOUR mod, it’s all fine. I know you like sharing stuff you’re going to keep private anyway which is fine, but here you see the consequences of what happens when you share something, so welcome to the internet. This is fine, don’t start reporting it directly.

      1. AzoraxModdingGaming

        i will report as i only intended this for personal use for people and VTCs not reskins of it and im dissapointed with admin of this website as already reported 3 times and not even a message why its not taken down to be honest if they uploaded to something other than sharemods i wouldnt mind but because they upload MY work to their sharemods i do mind…

  5. KungLaoHD

    nice mod but why not both cars front and back in black-red ? only behind me the back car is red-black by me and front car is yellow..

  6. no dating skin in van

  7. hello, first of all say that excellent work but I tried to download what is necessary for the skins of the Van to work and the link does not work, says that there is no post in that direction, if you could help me to enjoy that great job you I thank you, thank you very much thank you

  8. Prashant Patil


  9. Honey Coffee

    Hello SirBlackyAlot,

    Would it be possible to ubdaten the mod for the ETS2 1.32 version because the pages and other attached parts such as mirrors is not quite korekt Paint and can only use plastic, but would like to enjoy the skin.

    sorry my english is not so good.

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