Skinnable Transporter T6 Special Transport DLC By Azorax Modding

YouTube preview

YouTube preview

only works with Special Transport DLC which is required
templates included in rar file to change skin replace files in vehicle > ai > transporter_t6 with templates

If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me at:


Azorax Modding, SCS Software


23 Responses to Skinnable Transporter T6 Special Transport DLC By Azorax Modding

  1. Privat says:

    VW logo?

  2. cristol jean-michel says:

    archive endommagé

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      try restarting pc and redownloading if that doesnt work then try restarting internet and redownloading i just tried downloading on my phone and worked with rar archiver on my phone

  3. finbar367davyrabbit says:

    @Azorax – Thanks for the MOD to allow skinning of the van, brilliant. As a fellow skinner, I have made a few different company skins for myself already to match the various heavy haul units that I have.

    Will it be possible for you in future to allow skinners like myself to be able to make these available (with credit of course) for the rest of the ETS community ?


  4. PentaYO says:

    Awesome mod, i love it. But is there any way to remove the reflective stripe from the sides and back?

  5. Driverstein says:

    New Video with this amazing mod:

  6. SirBlackyAlot says:

    Sorry AzoraxModdingGaming will credit the vans mad in future

  7. SirBlackyAlot says:

    O And Great Mod Ty

  8. tyo_adjibaya says:

    Thankyou so much.
    very useful mod!!

  9. private says:

    where the car can get?

  10. Evan says:


  11. SirBlackyAlot says: any chance you can make this as escort Vehicles pls

  12. byrein says:

    Can I just make escort_1/2/3 all the same or are they different?

  13. cbarbas says:


    can someone please explain why there are 3 different templates in the mod, thanks.

  14. cbarbas says:

    I have

    another question. Is it possible to preview or buy this car at ETS2 and how?


  15. Bahadır says:

    would you tell me the interior camera mod?

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