Essex International Skin – Scania 1 Series


Essex international skin for Shoofer’s awsome 1 Series.
Tested on
( included in file for light box)



7 thoughts on “Essex International Skin – Scania 1 Series

  1. Nice #### where is Blue Wheels and Essex plate in roof ?i have only Transport spedition in a my roof! please link these Essex parts!

    1. speedy143

      The file is for the light box, this is included inside the file, you need to replace the one in Shoofers mod with the one I included in my file. I will put a link up for the wheels later…

      1. speedy143

        Here the link for abassstreppas wheel pack:

        And here is the link for the second file you will need to get the coloured Rims:

  2. this is a ###### question but ca you tell me where do i put the dds file haha

    1. Put the dds file in : Vehicle/truck/scania_vabis/textures

  3. thank you 🙂

  4. Matthew Eastwood

    My dad use to drive for essex international- spent most of my primary school days globe trotting in the cab with him.

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