Estonian radios

Put the file “live_streams.sii” in the folder “Euro Truck Simulator 2”
There are 23 radios



11 thoughts on “Estonian radios

  1. no works

    1. Why do you put 3 responses?
      And, are you sure?

      1. I’m sorry it happened by mistake and has posted 3 messages. And now about the radio, I tried half a day to check the radio and no one does not work, click on one and immediately jumps to another and so on. I do not know how to listen to me now. Incidentally European Radios v0.13 the same problem does not work. online I have.

        1. I don’t understand… For me it works… :-/

        2. I don’t understand… For me it works… :-/
          I am sorry

  2. no works

  3. no works

  4. Actually, there’s a bug, so I’ll correct it

    1. When will you fix it? Really want to listen

      1. I don’t have the time… So I don’t know…

        1. It’s good how time will be corrected. Advise what else radio stations? To work

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