ETS 2 MP Admin Police Skin Full Save

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer
? Police Skin (MP Admin)
? Police Light
? Police Led
? Police Sound
?‍? Full Save Profile: Black Logistics
?‍? MP Credits: Seymur (DEMON)

Black Logistics, Seymur (DEMON)


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8 thoughts on “ETS 2 MP Admin Police Skin Full Save

  1. What will the other players see? Will they see a police car or normal car?

    1. iTzSplashed

      it is not for mp.. its for sp, a savegame.. dumb mod

  2. Black Logistics

    other players will look like black vehicles

  3. Ceyhun_047

    it will not be seen. You are only seeing

  4. Fake mod! Police car is banned for Truckers MP users!

  5. alezao gostoso

    working on MP 100% thanks 😀

  6. Nico Murgui

    Uses at Single Player?

  7. Will you upgrade to version 1.32 ????

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