ETS 2 Rush Hour


for European Truck Simulator 2, v1.3.1 only!!!

This is a patched ETS2 executable. It’s a drop-in eurotrucks2.exe replacement.
It can generate considerably more traffic than the stock version. The reason
why this is a modified .exe, instead of a “usual” .scs mod, is simple:
Most of the traffic stuff is hard-coded in the executable and can’t be configured. The
file must be reverse-engineered, analyzed, and then modified at the machine language level. But don’t worry, I already did all that work 🙂

A few of the “settings” are parameterizable. Namely, it is possible to
indi-vidually tweak the (maximum) number of vehicles spawned in cities, on “normal” roads, and on roads with more than one lane per direction (e.g., highways).
And these settings are available for day and night, so you can control whether you want less traffic at night (or not). (The unpatched ETS2 uses 63 during the day, and 21 at night).
Plus, you can control how many trucks you want to see (at most), again for those 6 cases individually. The unpatched ETS2 limits this to 4, unconditionally.
Finally, there’s what I call the “spawn boost”, which allows to control how often spawn attempts occur. The default seems to be once per second. Setting the boost to 8 will produce 8 attempts per second, etc.

Author: John Doe


43 thoughts on “ETS 2 Rush Hour

  1. Sarkissian


  2. I think replacing the .exe goes a little too far, and is in fact illegal I think.

    1. ScaniaVabisr620

      It is not illigal, you just loose all from SCS, Thats why you allways make a backup of your original files 🙂 Worst case scenario is that new updates cant be installed.

      1. ScaniaVabisr620

        All support from scs *

  3. Very Good Mod

  4. @Bart: All of the map mods also modify SCS’s original content, so in theory, they’re just as illegal…

  5. Very nice mod!

  6. This mod came from “steam” and I don`t run EST2 from steam, so when i installed this mod, i never seen so many crashes in my life, cars,trucks ect, on top of each other. however this mod is illegal all the same, and iv`e had to start my game from scratch. THIS MODS SUCKS

    1. Sarkissian

      Illegal??? HAHAHAHA!!
      What are you gonna do?? Arrest the modders??? lol

      Since when are mods illegal? That’s why they are MODS!!!

      Arrest them, all of them!! In jail!! LOL 😀

      1. Sarkissiam

        Oh I see. Placing .zip files in the designated mod folder as intended by the developer and replacing the game’s executable launch file are totally the same thing.

        Forgive people for confusing the two and not realising that there is zero difference between the two actions. Thankyou for your astute observartions and flawless logic.

        1. Sarkissian

          Hex editing is also modding!!
          I did that already 20 years ago!
          Arrest me! lol

  7. Well let me correct my last post! If mods were illegal, then scs would not allow the public to do “Mods” but scs does allow “Mods” but this mod does not state that the exe came from “STEAM” and it pissed me off, that I have had to start from scratch!

    1. Bart van Ham

      Mods are not illegal, but replacing the executable file is a completely different thing. You can compare it with using a crack. If you use a crack for pirated software you also replace the .exe file.

  8. Best thing to happen to the game… Guess I’ll have to use the mirrors more ha ha…. More traffic on motorways is cool… Was boring before with empty ones…

  9. Mark don’t be a buzz kill “if i had wings i could fly” and “if bread was illegal we’d all be in jail” either use it or dont but dont troll about it kid.

  10. BTW were does this file go, (install?)

  11. This slows the frame rate. A bit so switched of the hd option…. Worked fine now,

  12. how i can install ths mod

    1. Overwrite C:\Program Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe (or wherever ETS2 is installed) with the included file – but MAKE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL FILE FIRST so you can restore it if something goes wrong.

  13. Extract it to the directory that contains ets2.exe… It replaces it… Not the mod directory

  14. okay guysz – check account – no entry
    number locked for the purpose of checking

  15. This is an amazing mod! Not already bored on the road!
    Thank you for the autor!!!

  16. bad it only drive cars and buses but no trucks driving well then I prefer without.

    1. When in your game no trucks are running control the log, if anyway trucks are loaded.

  17. alex du 77120

    tres bien pensée. BRAVO merci beaucoup !!!! bonne continuation

  18. Hello guy’s
    Can someone tell me how to install this mod ,i know its a replacement for exe ,but no idea wat that is infact ….but i dont know where to look for that “exe file “and how i can install this mod…..i hope someone can help me out here
    Thx in advance

  19. Overwrite C:\Program Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe (or wherever ETS2 is installed) with the included file – but MAKE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL FILE FIRST so you can restore it if something goes wrong.
    Look I have tried manny time’s to find this ,but it seems that there is no “bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe”
    I downloaded the game twice from steam ….and it seems that this can be the problem ,so anny dvice is welcome
    Thx Thuborg


    Kann jemand auf deutsch erklären wie das zu installieren ist ohne sein spiel kaputt zu machen ?


    Moze ktos powiedziec jak mozna to installowac bez crashowania gry ?

    1. Wenn du die file runtergeladen hast kommt sie als ZIP file an,Unzip die file zu deinem Desktop, du must jetzt einen Folder mit einer RAR file haben>Nimm die ganze Rar file und lege sie in den mod folder.Start Game und activiere die file.Das ist alles !!

      1. Ich habe einen fehler gemacht.Sorry habe mich vertan.Die file kommt runter als eine ZIP file die du dann unzipen must.was dir dann eine exe geben wird,welche du dann copieren must und in den games folder wo dein spiel instaliert ist pasten.Du replaest sozusagen deine application file.Hoffe das das hilft.

  21. Is there anyone who can make a mod,to stop that terrible cash sound.I have tried all those no cash sound mods but not one is working.

  22. so I think this will be great.. but only for steam gamer’s ^^

  23. Hello John Doe,or anyone else,
    what do I have to fill in for numbers when I want the following amount of traffic: 96 / 192 / 48 at day time.
    thanks in advance

  24. Can someone make a version for 1.4? I can’t find any of same hex strings…

  25. alex du 77120

    serait-il possible d’en avoir un pour le patch 1.4.1 s’il vous plait ?

  26. Hi John,
    can you make a fix for version 1.4.8

    thanks in advance :

    willy B

  27. In America they called unknown dead people John Doe!

    I hope you are still alive and willing to make

    your Rush Our ready for version 1.4.8

    The whole world and universe will be happy.

    please reply John

  28. Yes, we beg to have it in new version.

  29. Please the whole community wait for 1.4.X/12 VERSION !!
    This Mod is Amazing !!

  30. Does it work on 1.4.12 too?

  31. ets 2 freak

    can you make one for version 1.4.12


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