ETS 2 Update 1.13.3


New in this Update:


– Steam achievements (available only in the Steam version, activate the game in the Steam client to obtain them)
– Added functionality to unbind keys/buttons/axes in game ui
– Added cruise control grid option
– Cruise control speed limited to truck speed limit speed (if enabled)
– Quickload and quicksave
– Bindable keys/buttons for increasing and decreasing of radio volume


– Fixed speed limits in some countries (Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia)
– Fixed license plate generation in some cities (Graz, Klagenfurt, Ostrava)

DOWNLOAD 809 MB from old version [patches-scrolls]
DOWNLOAD 809 MB from old version [speedmaniacs]

DOWNLOAD 13 MB from 1.12.1 version [patches-scrolls]
DOWNLOAD 13 MB from 1.12.1 version [speedmaniacs]

12 thoughts on “ETS 2 Update 1.13.3

  1. Jan Küchler

    Wie geht das mit den Achsen?

  2. La tsm funziona con questo aggiornamento?

  3. TSM MAP its ok with this version!

  4. Pffff… why reupload that ?

  5. for money Julien lol

  6. Und wer will hier wieder Geld mit den offiziellen Patches von SCS verdienen?

  7. There are a lot of guys here who forget to say thank you…
    So, Thanks for the update!

  8. I also say thanks! 🙂

  9. Faelandaea

    ###? You people do realize the ACTUAL patch – the SUPPORTED patch – is available through Steam or, if you are a non-steam user – the web site? Don;t download so-called “patches” from non-supported sources. You have no clue what you are getting.

  10. Do you like Scania?

    Like this page on Facebook! 🙂

  11. George Isaak

    Hello everyone ! not long ago i bought ETS 2 1,5,2 version and before some days i discovered this site with mods and i tested quite few of them . i have patched my game up to 1.13v and i have in my possession both the Scania T and Stax . both amazing with most detailed and beautiful the T . from my experience they are both real at driving . Stax needs some work but it is a good truck ! i would love to know how can i use mods without making my game crash . i am a bit inexperienced to these things but i am old enough to know how to use commands in uset g console in all the versions of 18 wheels of steel … which apparently does not work for me anymore in this game . Thank you guys and keep up the good work ! a gamer from Greece !

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