ETS2 BiH & Project Balkans Window Flags

Balkans-1 Balkans-2 Balkans-3

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In this mod you get:
->Three Standalone Window Flags (ETS2BiH 1*,Project Balkans 2*)
->Works only with National Window Flag DLC
->Tested on 1.24.x. and all ETS2 Trucks
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 BiH:
Project Balkans Map:

Authors: GamerHacker & Project Balkans Team


7 Responses to ETS2 BiH & Project Balkans Window Flags

  1. marjan says:

    Blakan više ne postoji

  2. LibertyPrime says:

    > kosovo


    • GamerHacker says:

      This is a Game and in Game there is no space for Political stuff, enjoy your life and dont be a jerk 😀

  3. yo says:

    Where is Romania?

    • GamerHacker says:

      WTF ?
      Im not Racist, this logo of Project Balkans its not made by me its Logo of Map Mod!!
      And dont be a jerks and here talk about Racisms and Political stuf 😉

  4. marjan says:

    #### Serbia Kosovo republic

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