ETS2 Colour Map

colour-map-1 colour-map-2

A small mod to replace the default World Map and Job Market map with a more colourful background.
For those using the default game map, I’ve made a separate map.
The mod only contains the required background images.

Tested on the game version 1.25.3

Elmer BeFuddled


3 Responses to ETS2 Colour Map

  1. techkilla says:

    Make a сolour Map for TSM+RusMap+EAA, please )))

  2. miaoumixed says:


    Thank you for adding some colors to the game.


  3. Mafiozos68 says:

    Works fine (no red lines) to 1.26 beta too….
    (No Vive la France DLC yet of course)

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