ETS2 Effect update +HBAO


Only For Version 1.25.1 and lower
[86 & 64 bit]

this version have “Ambient occlusion” [HBAO]

Settings in the game to function properly.
Warning : you must disable game default “HDR” and Set “Scaling” to %100
And better disable game default “MLAA” & “Color correction” & “DOF”

-Depth of Field
-Lens dirt
-Gaussian Anamflare
-Chapman Lens
-Color Effect
-SMAA (Without blurring)

Can Disable & Enable All Effect to “Scroll Lock” key

for Install Extract to:
“Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin” and open (“win_x86 [by effect]” or “win_x64 [by effect]”) and Run.

Thanks for download

please don’t upload again

Nice 2000


13 thoughts on “ETS2 Effect update +HBAO

  1. smoke weed everday

  2. Отстойный эффект ?⚠

  3. any video?

  4. when i open the game i have black screen? any solution?

  5. еще пока не встречал модов такого типа , которые делали картинку лучше. глаза устают сильно.
    тем не менее в этом моде есть своя фишка, и больше всего заметно в городе на зданиях. они становятся объемными .

  6. please link trailer

    1. Nice 2000

      I downloaded Trailer from this link 🙂

      1. thank you

  7. Over game

    Hi man how are you? I do not know if already tested the “Reshade Frank,” but I liked it but the effect on the game than this mod, not disparaging his work here, even why that mod has a lot of their work. But like most of the effect of shaders on the stones, asphalt and vegetation Reshade Frank that this mod. Seem more vivid, real! Well this mod I tested with the indicated and other settings, with HDR and DOF off beyond MLAA & Color correction, everything is half dark, smoky, driving under the sun of noon and the weather looks cloudy, even without any cloud! I configured brightness for more, only that is not legal. HDR activated only the reflection effect is very strong, although beautiful, and intermittent, is blinding us with any ray of light, as if all the light source was a sun! Even the night is bad. As I said, I tested in various configurations and in no thought cool. In addition, it seems that mod adds the CPU workload. When I saw the description speaking to disable HDR, DOF, MLAA and Color correction in the game I thought, “Well, will decrease the GPU workload, the game will better wheel.” But what happens is the opposite, I noticed a drop frames. I’m a fan of his work, hugs

    1. Nice 2000

      Thank God I’m fine, thank you brother
      effect HBAO frame reduces from 30 to 7
      but All effects except HBAO frame reduced from 30 to 17

      If you have very slump frame, You can download the version without HBAO

      I try drawbacks that you mentioned be resolved in the next version
      Is almost ready to be uploaded soon

  8. lens flare everywhere even at loading screen
    geez it looks like J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies
    turn off HDR is not gonna help

    1. Nice 2000

      In the new version would be better effects

  9. waiting for the next update anxious.
    because this mod so perfect excess glare and rays that hinders. thank you

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