ETS2 ~ Improved HDR ~ [1.33]

Hi Guys!

*This is NOT a “Graphic mod”
Im trying to make the game as “natural” as possible.
-Balanced fog distance and density for better visual experience.
– nicer graphic (reflection, bloom, ect)
This mod is compatible now with the current Patch.



3 thoughts on “ETS2 ~ Improved HDR ~ [1.33]

  1. Testet bitte eure mods erst einmal ausgiebig. Ansonsten hat der gamer nur einen nach dem anderen absturz. nicht schön.

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Das kann genauso gut an anderen Mods liegen 😉

  2. Hi, nice mod. I’ve tested yesterday and effect natural so good. Yo should upload your mod to steam workshop.

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