MAN TGX Euro 5 Sound

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Proudly presents the MAN sound for the default SCS MAN TGX.

Basically this is created by Paulnice but there was something wrong with the main sound file, something like rumble noise but I discover those rumbles and remove them, further I add some real life air cut off sounds and others sound files, reworked some volume parameters, so when driving watch and listen to the detail sounds.
Spacial thanks to Paulnice and Vasily from EVR sounds to use their sounds and give all the credits to them.

leen kriechbaum and Vasily EVR sounds


4 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 5 Sound

  1. Why does MAN SCS have a splash and is the Madster truck used in the video?

    1. Because the sound of the SCS can now use the same sound as the E6 by madster, why should I make a new video with the same sound, it’s a totally waste of time.

  2. Why do we have to make a new video? very simple, because what is offered is the sound in SCS, and people would like to see in the video that is true, that it sounds in SCS.

    1. If you watched my video you would see a review on both trucks.

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