ETS2 Looking Helper v2.0.3


-Why this mod?
Because, people want to be able to hold one key or button and look
left or right (only in cabin) and when release that key or button to
look straight ahead again.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 by default doesn’t not have this function.

-Can this program work with Steering Wheel?
Yes! After version 2 I added support for Game Controllers

-How to install this?
You don’t have to install anythink, just unzip all from .zip archive
and start app and folow on screen instructions.

-Can I use this app for some other game?
This application can work with any other application/game but it’s
main purpose is to work with Euro Truck Simulator 2.

-How to set it?
You have 4 text fields, first two are keys that are set in game (in
settings) to look left and right. Put here that same keys.
Other 2 fields are NEW keys (that are unused in game!) to press and
hold to look left or right. Just click in field and press key or
joystick button.

Press OK to save changes and activate keyboard hook.

Then just start game and play it, but don’t close this app.

If you notice some bugs please tell me on my email: [email protected]
or find me on SCS forum, my nick there is: ksrele

Have a nice game 😉

Author: Srele


14 thoughts on “ETS2 Looking Helper v2.0.3

  1. or just have a logitech g27, woorks fine whit that, whitout this mod 🙂

    1. Can you explain how?
      How can you hold one button and while holding it that camera is turned to right (or left) and when you release it that camera move back to center.

  2. SALUT
    je voulais savoir ou l’installé car j’ai pas compris?

  3. Useless mod actully, i can look left and right and center on my steering wheel. Just config it on 3 buttons, left, right and center, works just good. No mod needed! just like Olstad said!

  4. why don’t working on mouse?

    1. If you need it to work with mouse I can make new version.
      Write to me on my email (ksrele[et]

  5. Hallo, Srele, I liked your program very much, O think it’s very usefull for those who plays with keyboard. May I upload it on our ETS2 forum of course with all your credits?

    1. Yes, you can.
      Just don’t delete or edit readme.txt.

  6. Srele, ok thank you!

  7. As I have a wheel I’ve found the buttons to do this easily for me… However, I would use this if instead of jerking from left to right… It would turn the camera from the left to the right… Similar to how it would be if you turned your head. I’ve always wished it was like that in the vanilla game.

  8. Works brilliantly! Good job!

  9. THIS is one PERFECT Mod! I cannot drive ETS2 without it anymore, to look left-right-left before crossing a street has never been so easy!
    BTW: it is also possible to choose any other perspective, i.e. front-left / front-right, which is nice for driving on curvy roads…

    Thanks a lot for this!

  10. i have some problems, if i use this my view gets a little weird, if i press the button its like im pressing the left look key very fast, but it wont turn, if i release it centers.

    1. BTW: im on windows 7 64-bit, full registered game, tried first without mods, then with mods nothing.

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