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ETS2 Multiplayer

Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer review

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25 Responses to ETS2 Multiplayer

  1. Egidijus says:

    Sveiki,galit man padeti pasijunkti ets2 multiplear?

  2. admin says:

    Sveiki, po kolkas multiplayer nėra išleistas. Tai tik Multiplayer demonstracija.

  3. Paulius says:

    Taigi čia Fake video, pats kūrėjas taip parašęs.

  4. fab338 says:

    Good idea !

  5. fab338 says:

    Good !

  6. ETS zaidejas says:

    Nu bet istikro nesamone kazkokia,tikrai sukure gera zaidima su furom,bet per interneta neina,jau ir paprastam ETS manau turejo but,o apie sita nesneku. Galima tik nusivilti,kad neina zaisti per interneta ar per LAN. Bet dar galima turbut tiketis,kad tai padarys greitu metu 🙂

  7. Cam says:

    How does it work I would like to know

  8. patrik says:

    Bol by som rad keby to bolo

  9. Mak-Kyver says:

    My opinion is thats Fake..

    http://ets2mp.com here is some info..

  10. Michael says:

    this vid is fake but multiplayer is being made for ETS2. if you don’t belive me just look at the date the vide owas created, it was 6 days after the game released

  11. Mak-Kyver says:

    i know that there is guys who try made it.. check that address..

  12. Tadas says:

    O tai gal bent jau žinot kada jau išleis tą multiplayer?

  13. Joey says:

    where you can download it

  14. ETS2ComedySketch says:


  15. TheDriverX says:

    Admin, plz can i got a download link it’s 2014 now and 2013 1st june is not now…?!

  16. Nicklas says:

    hur laddar man ner modet??

  17. serghei says:

    where you can download it

  18. metro302014 says:

    Hallo, hier ist metro und möchte mit Ihnen im Multiplayermodus für Euro Truck Simulation 2 teilnehmen.

  19. Alexander_trucker says:


  20. petre says:

    vreau si eu

  21. tadas says:

    ka man reikia parasyti kad as galeciau
    normaliai per interneta zaist Lithuanian ETS2 MP bus didelis aciu

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